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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Powered IoT Applications

Our AI and ML solution development services are designed to deliver the following core business objectives:

  • Data-driven predictions for proactive decision making
  • Efficient automation of business processes

Our Services – Data Analysis and Development of Machine Learning Models


IoT Sensors for Data Collection

Hardware and Software Development services for IoT Sensor Nodes

Training the ML Model

Segregation of filtered data into ‘training data’ and ‘validation data’

Data Cleaning, Filtering and Feature Extraction

Identification of relevant data parameters from the set of raw data collected by the IoT Sensors

Outcome Prediction, powered by ML

Training the model through exposure to a large amount of real-time and historical data so that it makes predictions with a high degree of accuracy

Evaluation and Identification of the ML Model

Identification of a suitable Machine Learning Model (neural networks, decision trees, regression models, classification models, etc.) based on the problem-statement and parameters

Development of AI powered Web/Mobile Apps

Design and development of cloud-based SCADA solutions, other web-based desktop applications, mobile apps, HMI/UI


Handbook: IoT Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Partner with us for unlocking the potential of Machine Learning algorithms for your business challenges. Our solutions drive business automation through improved and accurate decision-making.

Demo Video – How to Monitor Driver Behaviour and Road Conditions


Meet Our AI/ML Leaders


AI/ML Customer Success-Stories

  • Monitoring driver behaviour
  • Assessment of road conditions
  • Industrial battery monitoring system
  • Solar tracking system
  • Prediction of profitable crops for farmers
  • Autonomous cars