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Automotive Ecommerce Solutions
A comprehensive digital experience package to streamline automotive OEM's business Operations

The Automotive industry is at the forefront of technology disruption, especially post the pandemic.

Staying abreast with market dynamics, Automotive companies are increasingly embracing a "consumer-centric" approach by always considering consumers' needs as top priority.

The need to expand reach and fulfil consumer preferences for online one-click solutions, along with convincing success stories of digital transformation from other industries, have pushed auto OEMs to reimagine their business approach and focus on digital commerce.

How the Auto OEM-Ecommerce Synergy Opens Up New Avenues for Growth

Embitel’s integrated Automotive Ecommerce platform blends the best of Digital Commerce & Digital Experience to help automotive OEMs like you to deliver best-in-class online experience.

Omnichannel Solution

  • Be available and interact with dealerships and customers across all digital touchpoints.
  • Anticipate the demand and improve online purchase models

Actionable Data Insights

  • Convenient platform for auto OEMs to gather deep customer insights
  • Seamless mapping and management of user journeys

Improved Brand Reach

  • Increased brand awareness & reach
  • Consistent content and branding communication across all channel

Leverage the D2C Benefits

  • Build customer relationships via direct engagement
  • Enhance customer service levels

Reduced Time to Market

  • Improved ease and Speed of execution across the value chain
  • Reduced lead times for workshops and customers

The integrated platform facilitates seamless and hassle-free management of complex and distributed Revenue Operations across different sales models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C) for the auto OEMs.

From supply chain to last-mile customer experience, Automotive companies are turning to digital transformation technologies that offer “Data-driven” and “Customer-Centric” digital experiences, at par with in-store experience.

This, in turn, has motivated OEMs to evaluate their processes and integrate new products with seamless and innovative Digital experiences.

Additionally, by embracing an omnichannel ecommerce model, Auto OEMs can go D2C (direct to Customers) and break-free of the pertinent challenges posed by traditional channels of limited reach.

Our Automotive Ecommerce Services in Detail

Our Auto Ecommerce platform offers a multi-thronged and cross-functional approach for Auto OEMs to delight their customers by seamlessly bundling IT architecture together with Cloud, Data Analytics, Connected Systems (IoT) and Digital Experience technologies.

Here is a snapshot of various services offered under our integrated Automotive Ecommerce platform:

  • Omnichannel Ecommerce solution design and development
  • Content and Digital Asset management
  • User Journey Management
  • Product Recommendation & Personalization
  • Pricing and Order Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrations (CRM, Payments, ERP and others)
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Full stack development, Testing & development
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Storage & Management
  • Cloud Analytics & BI services
  • Customer Information management on Cloud
  • Connected Vehicles Solution Design & development
  • Automation
  • Firmware Upgrade (FOTA) Services
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Database Design and Vehicle & user Data Management
  • User Interface Design for Remote Vehicle Monitoring
  • Data Storage
  • AI/ML Based data modelling
  • Data Analytics & Intelligence
  • Monitor Key metrics ( Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, & Retention rates)
  • Custom KPI reporting
  • Actionable Business Insights (on inventory management, marketing , sales and profitability & more)

Drive top line results & deliver high-touch, data driven customer experience with our automotive ecommerce solutions . Our Automotive Ecommerce solution is curated as a complete digital experience package to streamline automotive OEMs business operations. From omnichannel ecommerce to marketing analytics & automation, from intelligent mobility to customer experience to personalization – across major automotive segments.

Key Segments in Focus

Our unified auto ecommerce platform caters to the digital transformation aspirations of a wide range of vehicle segments across B2B/B2B2C/D2C and marketplace business models.

Decoding the Benefits of Our Auto Ecommerce Services for You

With the help of Embitel’ s integrated Digital commerce Platform, Auto OEMs can gain significant business benefits, including enhanced global reach, deeper customer insights, personalized CX, new avenues of marketing, and reduced time to market – among others.

Understanding the Automotive Ecommerce Customer Journey

The integrated ecommerce platform enables the automotive brand to serve their customers through personalized, relevant contextual digital interactions beginning from product research and information to seamless purchase journey, after-sales support and road-side assistance to feature upgrades.

Quick Look at Our Auto Ecommerce Success Stories

Development of Digital Service platform for a renowned premium car OEM

  • Redesign of operating model for digital services
  • Operating model setup, Technology & know-how transfer
  • Content and commerce strategy
  • Development of digital service platform
  • Initiated a future-proof technology stack for digital communication & business

Development of a Digital Commerce After-sales Platform for a leading Bus OEM

  • Development of digital sales platform that bundles all sales channels and commerce activities
  • A unified platform for procurement of spare parts and services
  • Seamless integration with customer’s existing CMS, CRM systems

Development of a unified digital shop for a leading Auto OEM

  • API-based development of the unified digital shop to enhance the OEM’s digital business capability
  • Seamless user journey management from offline touchpoints to in-car services
  • SAFe framework for cross-functional agile working

Why Embitel?


15+ Years of Experience in Auto, Connected Vehicles and Digital Commerce Domain

Over the past 15 years, Embitel has helped several global OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in automotive and industry leaders in digital commerce domains to chart successful digital transformation journeys.


Working on the Future of Mobilit

As part of the CARIAD Group, Embitel plays a key role in developing a unified operating system for all futuristic vehicles of the Volkswagen Group brands.

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