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Library of Vehicle Diagnostics and Communication Software Stacks


Transformation of Engine Control Unit (ECU) into Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The Electronic/Electrical (E/E) systems within automotive now have more than 10 million lines of software code!

As an embedded technology partner for our global automotive customers, we have witnessed this transformation over the past 10 years

For such complex E/E systems robust network communications and diagnostic software protocols are critical for tracking and controlling of vehicle parameters.


Library of ECU communication and diagnostics stacks

In compliance with Automotive and International Standards (SAE and ISO), we have designed and developed a suite of pre-tested and pre-packaged vehicle network communication and diagnostics protocols

All the stacks can be readily integrated with any Automotive ECU and tooling applications


Automotive Strack Library


J1939 stack

J1939 Stack
The SAE J1939 complaint software stack and boot loader has ensured reduction in software development costs and time for our global customers.

Following are some success stories of J1939 stack integration

  • Android based Infotainment platform – J1939 stack helps the IVI platform to fetch vehicle parameters and diagnostics information. The stack is integrated with Linux/Android operating system, and around 50 PGNs are configured.

Read the complete success story here

  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system – The complete stack is integrated with EPS system for supporting vehicle communication, reprogramming, diagnostics and fault code memory.

Read the complete success story here

Learn more about the J1939 stack integration services

J1939 software stack Factsheet:

J1939 Stack PDF

Our J1939 solution for commercial and light passenger vehicles has been deployed in several production programs, across the US, Europe and India.

Download this J1939 Factsheet PDF to know more about this solution

What this factsheet offers:

  • Details about J1939 licensing model and business engagement model
  • How our customers benefit by owning J1939 IP rights and access to J1939 source code
  • What are the J1939 software features, OS compatibility, memory requirements
  • J1939 stack integration, testing and maintenance services (pre and post production) offered by our Automotive Software Development team, based out of Bangalore, India


UDS Stack

UDS module, designed as per ISO 14229 standard, implements diagnostic services which allow a diagnostic tester (client) to control functions in an ECU (server).

UDS implementation is independent of physical layer and it is compatible over both LIN and CAN implementation

Embitel has ready-to-integrate solutions to support UDS based diagnostic implementation for control units and boot loaders based on UDS and tooling solutions for end of line reprogramming, service station diagnostics and remote diagnostics

Following are some success stories of UDS stack integration

  • Diagnostics and reprogramming stack for body control unit
  • UDS over LIN diagnostics stack and reprogramming for roof control systems
  • Cloud based remote diagnostics
  • UDS based diagnostic tester – Customer Success Story

 KWP2000 Stack

KWP2000 stack, designed as per ISO 14230 standard, implements diagnostic services that allow a diagnostic tester (client) to control functions in an automotive ECU (server).

Our Automotive team has designed software stacks for KWP2000 over K-Line and KWP2000 over CAN (based on ISO 15765)

We have ready-to-deploy solutions to support KWP2000 based diagnostic implementation for control units and bootloaders (over K-Line and CAN)

Following are some success stories of KWP2000 stack integration

  • Diagnostics and reprogramming stack for Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • End of line reprogramming over K-Line


Designed and developed in compliance with ISO-15031, the OBD II stack is independent of platform and application.

It is portable to several Microcontroller families (8, 16 and 32 Bit Microcontrollers)

Learn more about our OBD II stack integration services

We support OBD stack on the following Network Protocols:

  • OBD over CAN (ISO15765)
  • OBD Over Kline ( Using KWP2000 Protocol)
  • OBD Over J1850 ( PWM and VPW)
  • OBD over ISO 9141-2

OBD Stack

Following are some success stories of OBD stack integration

  • OBD II stack and Fault Code Memory implementation for Engine control unit – customer success story
  • OBD II solutions for after-market automotive products. Support for accessing vehicle parameters through OBD port – supports CAN, K-Line, J1850 physical interfaces


OBD2 software stack Factsheet:


This OBD2 software stack handbook serves as a quick guide to understand our ready-to-deploy OBD2 solution for diagnostic and emissions control applications in passenger vehicles.

Download this OBD2 factsheet PDF to get following information:

  • Deployment of OBD2 solution in Automotive ECU, Tooling and Telematics Applications
  • OBD2 licensing model, our business engagement model, and OBD2 stack package overview
  • OBD2 Features, platform details, OS compatibility and memory requirements
  • OBD2 software stack development, testing, support and maintenance services provided by our Automotive Product Engineering Services team


ISOBus / ISO 11783 stack

ISOBus/ ISO 11783 stack is an extension of J1939 stack. This is designed to meet the needs of agricultural and off-road vehicle market.

Our embedded developers have developed this stack to ensure easy integration with agriculture and off-road vehicle applications

Following are some success stories of ISOBus stack integration

  • Design and development of ISOBus stack for agriculture tractor-based application

ISOBUS software stack Factsheet:


Our Automotive Embedded Software developers have designed this ISOBUS software solution is in compliance with ISO 11783 standard (defined for agricultural and forestry based tractors & implement applications)

Download this ISOBUS software stack PDF to get all the details about this pre-tested and proven solution

This ISOBUS factsheet/handbook contains the following information:

  • ISOBUS licensing fee, our business model, and ISOBUS software stack overview
  • Benefits of our unique offering – customer gets the owenership of ISOBUS IP rights and source code
  • ISOBUS solution package, features, memory requirements, configuration & customization
  • ISOBUS software stack Integration, testing, maintenance, support services


J1587 stack over J1708 physical layer

J1587 stack over J1708 physical layer is used in commercial vehicles for vehicle communication and diagnostics services.

Our embedded automotive developers have designed complete J1587 stack and is readily available for integration with customer’s application

Following are some success stories of J1587 stack implementation

  • J1587 stack solution for after-market automotive product. This solution was designed over J1708 physical layer to support access to the vehicle parameters

Calibration protocols

We have experience in integrating CCP and XCP protocols for automotive ECU calibrations. These protocols are integrated to ECUs like body control modules to facilitate calibration

Following are some success stories of calibration protocol integration

  • CCP integration with Engine Control Unit
  • XCP over LIN integration with roof control system

Boot loaders

Our developers have in-depth expertise and experience in providing solutions for end of line reprogramming – this include design and development of boot loaders for electronic control units (ECU) and tooling applications to facilitate reprogramming

We have boot loader solutions compatible with the following automotive protocols

  • J1939 (over CAN)
  • UDS (over CAN, LIN)
  • KWP2000 (over CAN, K-Line)
  • Custom (over Bluetooth, SPI, Serial/UART)

Flash Bootloader Factsheet:

Flash Bootloader-PDF-Image

Our Flash Bootloader software is a time-tested solution. It has been deployed ( in more than 5 years) in automotive production programs across US, India and Europe.

This is a stable and ready-to-deploy flash bootloader solution compatible with application-level protocols like UDS, J1939 and KWP2000.

Download this Flash Bootloader PDF to get following information:

  • What you get with the Bootloader Solution Kit: Script & Tools development, Primary and Secondary bootloader
  • Know about all the Bootloader solution features and memory requirements
  • Compatibility with different vehicle communication protocols