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Automotive Software Development as per the ISO 26262 Standard (ASIL B/ ASIL C/ ASIL D)

Our Automotive Functional Safety Consultants have partnered with customers across US, Germany, China, Taiwan, South Korea and India, to help them achieve ISO 26262 compliance (ASIL B/ ASIL C/ ASIL D)

The expertise of our FuSa Consultants in ISO 26262 standard, ISO 26262 approved automation tools, tool expertise and hands-on experience in development of ISO 26262 compliant software (Part-6), have proved to be a value-addition for all our customers

Our domain expertise spans- Lighting System, Seating Control, Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Powertrain ECU, HVAC Systems, Infotainment system, Digital instrument clusters and more.

Expertise in ISO 26262 qualified tools like CANTATA, RTRT, Polaris etc. make us the choice partners for ISO 26262 compliant software development projects.

Proven Expertise of our ISO 26262 Consultants in Complex Automotive (ASIL D/ ASIL C) projects

The following list of some of our successful ISO 26262 (Functional Safety) complaint software/hardware/testing projects is the testimony of our expertise in ASIL D & ASIL C compliance

  • Development of ASIL C Compliant Complex Device Drivers (CDD) for a Powertrain ECU
  • Mutation Testing of automotive Electronic Power Steering for ASIL D Compliance
  • Bidirectional Traceability using Tools like DOORS and Polaris
  • Support for Confirmation Review of Work Products
  • Choice of methods and techniques deployed in software design (safety plan) as per ASIL grades

A Snapshot of our ISO 26262 Software Development Services

6.1 Software Safety Requirement & Functional Requirement

  • Technical Safety Requirements (TSR) document along with functional requirements document
  • Development Software Safety Requirements (SSR) document from TSR


6.2 Software Architecture Design & Safety Analysis

  • UML based software architecture design
  • Support for safety analyses such as FMEA and DFA
  • Compliance as per the ASIL Grade (ASIL A/ ASIL B/ ASIL C/ ASILD)


6.3 Software Unit Design

  • Development of software low-level design as per the architecture design
  • Qualification of Tools for software development
  • Software Error detection and handling methods


6.4 Coding

  • Software coding and design implementation as per ISO 26262 Guidelines
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis of the code and Report Generation
  • ISO 26262 WP Templates, Guidelines and Checklist for work products


6.7 Validation Testing


6.6 Integration Testing


6.5 Unit Testing

ISO 26262 Compliant Development vs Traditional Software Development

Action Item

ISO 26262 Compliant Dev.

Traditional Software Dev.

Requirements Related to Functional Safety

A Technical Safety Requirement (TSR) document is prepared along with the Functional software requirement

Only functional requirement document is required

Safety Analyses

Safety analyses (FMEA & DFA) are performed to understand failure modes and their impact

No such safety analyses are performed as functional safety aspect is not considered

Architecture and Unit Design

UML based design using tools like Rhapsody & Ascet

Design can be created on Word/Excel


ISO 26262 qualified tools are required for development and testing

Regular IDEs and Testing tools are required.