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[Vlog] Model Based Development Tutorial: How to develop Models using MATLAB-SIMULINK tool

Model Based Development (MBD) revolves around ‘Models’! Models in MBD universe are diagrammatic representation of the real-world system, that developers are intending to build.

However, the models are not just your regular diagrams. They contain the logicand have the capability to generate code and that too, at a click of a button.

Some specialized skills are required to build Models. Especially, if you are involved in model based development of automotive applications.

So how are these models built? What are the tools that help build these models? What are the inputs and the outputs?

Our latest video gives an insight into all this and more.

We also have a detailed tutorial on ‘How to Create Model using MATLAB-SIMULINK’. Do check it out.

Key Takeaways from this Model Based Development video:

  • Understanding Models in Model Based Development
  • Snapshot of the Model creation in our model based development flowchart
  • Tools required for Model Development
  • Prerequisites of Model Development
  • Step-by-Step process of Model Creation using Simulink

Our previous two videos on Model Based Development gave a high-level idea of how it works and what are the value-adds.

In our latest video, we have dived deep into the world of MBD and tried to explain the very first step of model based development paradigm- the model creation.

We will be out with more such videos in order to explain the next steps involved in model based development process. Stay Tuned!

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Happy viewing!

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Sep 11 2019
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