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Decoding How IoT Works: Cloud & Mobility

What are the cloud solutions and services that can be implemented in the IoT setup? What are the capabilities of the mobile app? Our in-house experts explain.

Sep 29 2015

Infotainment v/s Instrument Cluster: Why a Digital Instrument Cluster is an Ideal Low-Cost Solution for Electric Scooters

Information is indispensable, especially when you’re driving. To ensure a comfortable and safe ride, the driver must have an access to critical information, pertaining to the vehicle, in a way which is easy to understand and doesn’t unnecessarily distract the driver. Since time immemorial, Instrument Cluster has played a pivotal role in fulfilling the above

Jun 06 2019

A Car with a Cockpit: How Digital Cockpit Solutions are Making This a Reality

Personalization, Connectivity & Safety are the three factors fuelling innovations in the automotive industry. The emergence of digital cockpit solution , a unified avatar of your Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Head-up Display, has aptly encompassed these three innovation commandments. How? Find out in this blog .

Apr 04 2019

[Video ] The Motorcycle Diaries of a Digitally Connected Era

Your humble two-wheeler is soon going to get a major technology uplift ! The future belongs to the digitally connected two-wheelers. All thanks to innovations in IoT , Telematics, and Embedded System Technology. Watch this video to get a deeper insight into the technology behind connected two-wheelers.

Jan 16 2019

8 IoT Design Mistakes You Should Avoid for a Successful IoT Solution Development Project

In this blog, our IoT consultants share the 8 crucial design mistakes that can derail the success of your IoT Solution Development Project. Also, find out how you can break free of these must-avoid IoT design mistakes.

Aug 06 2018

How an IoT Gateway Device Works: Understanding the Architecture

Our IoT software development team helps you understand the technology architecture and software/hardware modules [IoT Gateway Device Hardware, OS, HAL, IoT Sensor Stacks, FOTA, Protocols & more]

Nov 20 2017

GE Predix, an Industrial IoT Solution, is now Edge Analytics Enabled

We highlight the advantages of Predix, GE’s industrial IoT solution, that is now enabled with Edge analytics to offer network traffic optimization, real time data analysis, and time and cost savings.

Nov 02 2017

What is an IoT Gateway Device and Why is it so Important for the Success of IoT Projects?

IHS forecast suggests that the growth in number of IoT devices will be exponential, with an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025. Now to support such network(s) of IoT devices that are expected to become more complex, IoT Gateway is one of the most critical components

Oct 24 2017

6 IoT Gateway Development Best Practices for Your Industrial Automation Project

Learn from our IoT software engineers about the best practices for robust IoT gateway development. Read to know about IoT Gateway Clustering, Horizontal and Vertical Scaling, Load Balancing and more.

Oct 11 2017

From Connected Cars, Healthcare to Uranium Enrichment Facilities, 5 IoT Security Hacking Instances to Take Note of!

Does IoT growth story has its shades of grey? This blog shares the 5 IoT hacking incidents and demonstrations that show the security challenges every IoT solution should overcome

Sep 22 2017




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