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Cloud Migration Services
Transform your Business Growth with Swift, Seamless and Secure Cloud Migration

Redefine and accelerate your enterprise’s IT operations with our multifaceted cloud migration services and extensive cloud solutions. We at Embitel, emphasize on people, processes and technology and obtaining a stellar CSAT is our mantra. As one of the leading and reliable cloud migration service providers, we are committed to offering:

  • ⦁ Smooth and effortless cloud migration while maintaining your IT assets
  • ⦁ Cloud transformation in compliance with Industry-specific architecture
  • ⦁ Maintenance and management of public, private or hybrid cloud environments with a unified interface

Our Extensive Partner Network

Why Migrate?

What Should You Look for?

  • ⦁ Flexible framework to integrate new data requirements
  • ⦁ Faster and seamless development and iterations
  • ⦁ Business stability and disaster recovery
  • ⦁ Robust security & compliance
  • ⦁ Upgrade IT resource management
  • ⦁ Better cost management
  • ⦁ Cumulative IT insights
  • ⦁ Minimal carbon impressions

Key Considerations Before Cloud Migration

  • ⦁ Cloud types and vendor expertise
  • ⦁ Compliance and regulatory connotations
  • ⦁ Technology skill set
  • ⦁ Cost based on structure - On-premises Vs Cloud Vs Hybrid
  • ⦁ Security and data protection
  • ⦁ Conformity with current SLAs
  • ⦁ Portability

Cloud Migration – Present and the Future

Embitel’s Cloud Migration Expertise


Extensive analysis and assessment for cloud migration


Step-by-step and measured migration to cloud/hybrid-cloud


Integrated application to achieve desired architecture state


Multi-cloud service & cloud optimization management


Continuous & centralized security and compliance automation with cloud managed services


Cloud-based digital transformation – CI/CD, DevOps, Application Modernization, Analytics


Multi-cloud cost optimization

Our Cloud Migration Services in Detail

Cloud Migration with Project Management and Planning

When an enterprise thinks of cloud migration, it is not just a change in technology, it is also a huge change in the organization. Today is the best time for any organization to leverage cloud technology and reap success.

To begin with, thorough end-to-end planning and analysis is needed before cloud migration. Each application will have different criteria and might require different approach to cloud migration. Enterprises should consider factors like critical applications, application interdependency, legacy data, compliance, and security of all applications before migration.

This is where we come into picture. Our specialist team will help you take the right decisions and assist you throughout the process.

Migration Architecture Design

The next step after project planning is to determine your expectations from cloud migration- based on operations, cost, and architecture upgrades.

We at Embitel offer various economical options and discounts based on your cloud deployment model preferences.

End-to-end Configuration of Cloud Resources

We help you configure hardware and software resources based on your cloud deployment model. Dispositioning should happen seamlessly without disrupting the ongoing processes. The cloud framework should be robust enough to automate provisioning, deprovisioning and re-integrating resources without manual intervention.

IaaS Templates Including CI/CD Pipelines

With IaaS (Information as a Service) templates you are automating cloud processes and managing the IT infrastructure of the cloud. When infrastructure is used as code, CI/CD automation practices happen seamlessly. IaaS templates use DevOps software to manage cloud infrastructure resources.

With CI/CD pipelines, there is better communication, extensive insights, transparent testing and changes can be easily tracked. This requires strong hosting platforms and automation tools.

Data and Services Replication

Replication of data and services in any form is the most crucial part of the process for any organization. The sensitive data should be protected, retained, and replicated at multiple locations for easy accessibility and availability of consumers in the organization. This can be done in one-go or in phases depending on your company size and requirements.

You need a reliable vendor who can do this for you. We provide services including disaster recovery and management, enhancement in network performance, advanced data analytics and support.

Migration Delivery and Support

The work is not really done once migration delivery is complete. It is necessary to check the health of the system by monitoring the applications and assessing data security in the new environment.

We dedicatedly provide post migration support and 24/7 services based on the contract type. Our practices comply with HIPAA and GDPR regulatory laws.

Our Cloud Migration Approach

Cloud migration happens in phases, thereby minimizing any disruptions to operations. The pillars of our cloud migration services are the 5 Rs mentioned below:


Lift and shift, reducing changes, virtualization replatforming

From physical to virtual to cloud


Lift, tinker, and shift.

Revamp applications to leverage common refactor services


Replace application with SaaS service

Develop cloud native application with similar/enhanced attributes


Establish & build common business and technical services

Merge similar applications and services


Shift to more cloud‐aligned technology and platform services

Deployment with cloud operations and regulating replatform

Common Cloud Migration Drivers

Cloud Migration Infrastructure & Tools

Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

  • Recognize the components that require migration
  • Set organizational objectives
  • Estimate the budget


  • AWS discover connector
  • AWS discover agents
  • Notion
  • Sharepoint

Migration Readiness Planning (MRP)

  • What components and timeline to migrate
  • Installing reliable security protocols to avoid breach
  • Operating/workflow structure for people in the organization
  • Hiring skilled resources if needed


  • Notion
  • Sharepoint
  • Multi factor authentication


  • Migration of applications in phases
  • Install required components post migration
  • Optimise the system


  • AWS Migration Hub
  • AWS VM Export
  • AWS Server Migration Service
  • AWS Database Migration Service


  • Testing
  • Optimization as and when needed, post testing


  • AWS Cloud Watch
  • ELK Stack
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Opsgenie
  • Nagios

Our Agile Approach

Agile establishes a strong foundation for the development and progress of any application. Agile methodolgy is used for team co-odination, continous planning, continuous progress, seamless and swift release cycles (especially when combined with DevOps). The USP of Agile is its ability to optimize and scale workflows continuously and consistently.

Incorporating Agile in the functionality and managing automated processes require a regulated approach. Our team of experts offer smooth CI/CD processes along with a transparent testing method. We follow simple and efficient appraoch to help you convert your vision into reality.

Why Embitel?

  • ⦁ 15 years of industry expertise
  • ⦁ One of the leading cloud migration service providers in India
  • ⦁ Incredible team with proficiency in application development, software development, DevOps and networking, and cloud solution frameworks
  • ⦁ Compelling cloud security practices
  • ⦁ Agile methodologies adoption to the T
  • ⦁ Substantial experience in enterprise service delivery across multiple solutions
  • ⦁ Great partnerships and collaboration with the best cloud technology providers
  • ⦁ Competent in cloud infrastructure, cloud strategy, cloud migration, cloud application and cloud transformation services
  • ⦁ Expertise in AWS managed, AWS consulting services, AWS management services and AWS migration services
  • ⦁ Competence in Azure cloud migration services
  • ⦁ In-house digital Innovation Lab to provide cutting edge digital solutions


What is Cloud automation?

Cloud automation basically is a process of automating few tasks that are repetitive. The main idea is to reduce physical work to manage workflows in order to save time and resources. This is an effective way to achieve operational improvements, speed up application deployment and minimize human errors.

What is Cloud provisioning?

The process of allocating the cloud provider’s resources and services to a customer is called cloud provisioning. The tools used in cloud provisioning are automation, orchestration, and provisioning software.

Cloud provisioning is one of the significant components of the cloud computing model. This is the phase where it is decided how a customer can procure cloud managed services and resources from a cloud service provider.

What are the types of cloud provisioning?

Cloud provisioning can be classified into three types:

    • Dynamic Provisioning – Cloud resources are installed as per customer’s requirements. Scaling up and down happens as per the customer demands. The customers pay only for what they have used.
    • Advanced Provisioning – The resource allocation is based on the agreed-upon contract between the customers and cloud provider. The customer will be paying a fixed fee or on monthly basis.
    • Self-service Provisioning – The resources are bought via a web interface or cloud brokerage portal. Resources are available for immediate use. IT Ops teams will still have to manage the portal in this method.

What is the difference between cloud monitoring & cloud observability?

In cloud monitoring, you assess the workload conditions and other quantitative parameters that determine the overall cloud functioning. Results are specific and not detailed.

In cloud observability, similar to cloud monitoring, you evaluate cloud’s robustness. However, it focuses on methodology based monitoring and operating state monitoring.

Methodology emphasizes on metrics such as tracing and log analytics. Operating state concentrates on tracking, state identification and event relationships.

How can we enhance Performance Management?

Every customer seeks maximum application performance. None of the frameworks can pledge maximum performance for every application every time. Nonetheless, there are a few key steps which aid to improve cloud performance throughout.

  • Microservices – This is a tried and tested method which never lets you down. The Microservices architecture comes with built-in modular services for all major features and functionalities. Since the application is broken into a series of workflows and deployed and operated individually, there is more scalability.
  • Auto-scaling – The application should be able to scale up on demand and recede when there is no requirement. This is a cost, time and resource saving method.
  • Caching – Regular caching helps applications to perform and execute faster than accessing the storage.
  • Serverless computing/ Event-driven architecture – Codes are placed based on certain software functions and practices into the cloud platform. After being triggered by an actual event, the operation happens. Once the function is complete, cloud resources are untouched.
  • Right-sizing instances – Choose the apt resources to run the workflows.
  • Load balancing – The network traffic here is distributed in the workflow so that each instance delivers to the maximum efficiency.

To make the optimum utilization of resources, monitoring key attributes of local and cloud-based services, data protection, and disaster recovery, we need infrastructure management process. It is an extensive and crucial process in the entire product/service lifecycle.

Our Insights on Cloud Migration