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Careers at Embitel

Embitel represents a team of high achievers and entrepreneurs who share a common vision to take the company to great heights. At Embitel, we encourage entrepreneurial thinking and actions. We also encourage creativity and innovation from our teams.

Key points in our HR policy:
  • Team based management
  • Team based success sharing model
  • Open culture
  • We foster an environment driven by passion, enthusiasm and a zest for what we do
  • We work with our clients as partners and each of our employees is an important participant in the process of client relationship building.

Our emphasis is on retaining people through our excellent work environment, our compensation model, and our work culture

Profile of our current work force:
  • Young and motivated team with an average experience of 4+ yrs
  • Worked with big names in the technology sector
  • Multi-site project experience

One of the best yardsticks to gauge the work ethic within a company is to find out what the employees themselves think of the company that they work with. Here is some feedback that represents the views of people associated with Embitel.

Employee Testimonials

 There are few experiences shared by our employee who has completed 5 years of their career with Embitel

“I am very happy with the relationship I have with Embitel. I appreciate the transparency with which Embitel conducts itself and values its employees and therefore in the way we work. Managers are given the freedom to do what and how they want with respect to their projects. I always feel that the higher management is transparent to extent it could be.

I have a very comfortable feeling with my management. Embitel believes in an ethical & value based approach. Embitel is the place for people with the zeal to achieve new heights”.
Arun Kumar, Head of Ecommerce

Arun Kumar candidly expresses his views on the factors that appeal to him at Embitel – i.e., transparency in the work environment, ethical values, professional freedom, and openness.


“It’s been more than 5 years since I am associated with Embitel and every year has presented with different opportunities and challenges, which have helped me, grow immensely. Embitel has provided me an opportunity to work with various customers spread across the globe with different cultures, values and expectations thus presenting perfect opportunity to learn and grow. Embitel’s open work culture has allowed me to express my thoughts without apprehensions and has motivated to chart my own growth path. I experienced an amazing blend of independence in working style and management support. I have experienced the continual improvement in Embitel.”

 “Moreover, at Embitel I have enjoyed flexibility, growth opportunities and success, without compromising the work-life balance. Being a part of Embitel Family, I would rather say, this is My Second Home!!

 I look forward to being associated with Embitel for years to come and the word I would use to sum up my time in Embitel thus far is Exceptional!!.”

Chockalingam Shanmugam, IT Manager


“I have been at Embitel for almost 5 years and can’t imagine working anywhere else. I have worked in many different corporate cultures and this one truly allows you to be yourself and reward those that earn it. I always want to be challenged, constantly learning, and never bored.’ I honestly cannot remember a day going by where I did not learn something new, and the opportunities for personal growth with Embitel.”

Alagappan, Associate Manager – Administration


“It’s been more than five years at EMBITEL, and feels like I have found another home, an ideal corporate home that provides a perfect platform for continuous learning and growth.

I have also had the opportunity to work with some of the finest professionals who display an infectious drive to excel. Five years, and it still feels as fresh as yesterday. I hope that my journey ahead will be just as exciting.”

Narayanasamy.L , Test Lead

If you would like to work with us, if you have entrepreneurial spirit, and if you believe that you can make a meaningful contribution in our organization, then, get your CV ready. If you have the expertise in our core business areas and adequate experience to contribute to our team process, contact us immediately at hr@embitel.com.