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Embitel’s corporate Goal revolves around 4 wheels of growth.

The Talent Identification and Nurturing being the main driver of the growth engine.

  • One circular motion of the Talent Wheel drives rest of the wheels, multiple times. This underlines the fact that talent management is the foundation upon which we build a successful business. And this exactly has been the prime focus of our Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives, launched from last year onwards.
  • An effective talent management strategy enables us to be a reliable partner to our Customer , offering end-to-end support for a successful digital transformation journey.
  • And during our collaborations with our customers, our focus, as it always has been, is to deliver smart solutions aimed at enhancing the customer’s profitability.

    And for this we need to transform our learning into innovation.

  • This eventually opens up newer channels to reach our goal of doubling the turnover in the next three years.


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