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Malabar Gold & Diamonds – Extensive custom feature development on Magento 1.7

Malabar Gold & Diamonds had already made a name for itself as a trusted jewelry retailer when they discussed ecommerce development with Embitel on Magento platform in 2013.

Our team of developers was excited – online sale of precious jewelry called for a solid foundation and smooth running of the website to lend a sense of reliability.

Unique feature development was needed to bring out the best of this niche product. Development for Malabar Gold would be challenging, and our team was looking forward to it.

Business challenge:

To build a successful webstore for their high-value products, Malabar Gold sought a high level of customization. This included

  • Development of unique features such dynamic pricing to sync with the changing gold rate on a daily basis
  • Development of multiple pages to showcase the various sub-brands
  • Development and scaling for the frequent festival-related offers and promotions
  • Support and IT infrastructure management services for maintenance and smooth functioning
Embitel solution:

Multiple workshops were held with the team from Malabar Gold to chart out their requirements in detail and plan the phases of implementation. In order to realize the goals, the following features were implemented:

    Dynamic pricing

    The gold rate in changed on the website once a day and this reflects in the pricing of all items on the webstore.

    Pick up from store

    For products like gold, where purchases are of high value and are made on the basis of trust, it was imperative to allow customers to browse and place orders online, but pick up in store as per their convenience and after examining their purchase.

    Custom jewelry

    Customers have the option to submit designs of their choice, get a cost and delivery date estimate, and place orders

    Marketplace integration

    Embitel developers have enabled the integration of Malabar’s webstore with popular marketplaces like Amazon.in and Flipkart.com

    Group buy

    The website also enables customers to indulge in a common practice when it comes to gifting jewelry – purchase as a group and split the payment in varying percentages

    Smart buy

    Malabar wanted to give customers the option to save with their ‘Smart Buy’ option—pay less by ordering in advance

    Brides of India

    Malabar’s signature campaign showcasing (and highlighting the availability of) the ornate jewelry of brides from different parts of the country was developed on the website

    Gold wallet

    The website offers the popular facility of recurring savings towards the purchase of jewelry.

    Gift card

    Development of an international webstore

    To cater to customers outside India, a separate webstore has developed with a different catalogue, currency converter, more shipping and payment options.

With the high level of customization involved on the basic Magento 1.7, feature development has been a continuous challenge. Each time a new feature is added, it is tested for conflict with the existing features, and its compatibility is ensured.

Since development of the webstore, Embitel has also successfully carried out DNS migration for Malabar to a more suitable domain name.

SEO-related integration is regularly implemented for Malabar to aid traffic to the webstore,

  • Significant improvement in website performance
  • Improved search rankings resulting in increased website traffic
  • Increased sales and overall order value per customer

Embitel Technologies is a Magento Silver Partner and Magento 2.0 Trained Solution Partner