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Ecommerce consulting services


  • Expert advisory/guidance from retail domain focused business consultants
  • Solutions from idea to implementation
  • Completely tailored strategic ecommerce consulting recommendations based on your business goals and objectives
  • Process led and execution focused strategic ecommerce consulting recommendations to help you cut cost and increase profitability



Ecommerce these days is on the fast track. Customers have been exposed to best in class technologies, and have been leveraging these technologies to fulfill their shopping needs. It is of no wonder that several retailers, brands and manufacturers, who are in strict coherence with the external realities, have made or are in the process of making the shift towards a digital economy. Leveraging of robust ecommerce capabilities needs to be carefully considered and should always be in alignment with the business objectives. A well thought-out ecommerce strategy and solution should be the top most priority that any retailer, brand and manufacturer should consider before implementing an ecommerce solution. Different ecommerce solutions should be developed based on the specific needs of the organization implementing the ecommerce project and complexity of business involved. A cookie cutter approach often is a recipe for complete failure and that’s the reason why our strategic ecommerce solutions and consultation services will be tailored to your specific business needs and objectives.


Our ecommerce business consultants with deep domain knowledge follow and advice best practices for every client engagement. A full-fledged ecommerce solutions and strategy involves development of an ecommerce business plan that addresses the vision, mission, objective settings, technology selection/short listing, digital marketing, customer retention, customer engagement and optimization plan for better conversions.


hybris and Magento website performance improvements

At Embitel, we take pride in helping clients reach their maximum potential and to get the best out their ecommerce website investments. The core idea is to analyze analytical data in greater depth to gain actionable insights that can be worked upon to either decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate, increase the average order value (AOV), decrease the bounce rate, increase the number of page views, or increase the frequency of returning customers. With our service offering, we have been able to help hundreds of clients find hidden opportunities, improve ROI and increase sales. We do everything to ensure that an ecommerce website operates at its peak performance.


Why choose Embitel Technologies?

Embitel’s ecommerce consulting services are laser focused on delivering exceptional end to end capabilities in helping retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve enterprise agility to succeed online. We work with clients to deliver actionable plans to help them thrive in their online business. Embitel offers comprehensive, holistic, result driven and open source ecommerce solutions to enable your organization better understand business performance, take necessary action and achieve your unique business goals. Our business consultants from the ecommerce solutions and strategy consulting practice will help you identify new business opportunities where ecommerce technologies can be leveraged upon. They will help with gathering business requirements in order to customize the platform as per the business flow and in accordance with the customer flow and navigation. The business process would be mapped to provide an seamless user experience for customers irrespective of the channel from where the customers are led to the store. In short, at Embitel Technologies, we provide holistic services that encompass all aspects of a successful ecommerce strategic implementation – both on the technology and business front. Our team of technology experts can also work with you to help you derive more ongoing business value from your Magento ecommerce applications by improving your ability to meet and exceed your business demands in a truly agile environment and within the specified timeframes. Our team remains grounded on ‘zero feet’ realities while executing the ecommerce solutions and strategies recommended to clients. Our solutions and consulting services provide superior ecommerce strategies that will help your organization stay ahead of the competition.

Highly customized strategic plan from our expert ecommerce business consultants to help you achieve your business goals.

Case Studies

Lapp India

LAPP INDIA is a 100% subsidiary of the LAPP GROUP (one of the leading cable companies in the world). The Bangalore manufacturing unit which started operations in 1996, is currently the third largest manufacturing facility of the Lapp Group. Lapp India collaborated with Embitel with an aim to be a pioneer in the online cable business


Compuindia is a Dell Express Shipping Affiliate store owned and operated by GNG Electronics Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest affiliates of Dell India.Dell is India’s leading PC brand with a large share of their sales happening online. Compuindia aims at providing the widest range of products at competitive rates with a faster delivery

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