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Server monitoring and Support services

  • Hosting Architecture that can perform in peak and also scale to your business growth
  • Best in class server support to deliver an unmatched online experience to your customers
  • Constant server monitoring and contingency action plan to minimize downtime
Ecommerce Website Hosting and Monitoring

Using sophisticated monitoring systems, Embitel Technologies constantly monitor client server uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Proactively, measures are taken the moment servers starts getting overload and identify the root cause and recommend / implement appropriate solutions

Being a CMMI level 3, ISO 27001 and an ISO 9001 certified organization, we comply with stringent quality processes, tools and technologies as well as provide automated resolution of incidents and requests wherever possible. Embitel’s web hosting, server monitoring and support service offerings are designed to provide a smooth, safer and superior online experience for visitors.

Our solutions are completely flexible and allow either dedicated or shared services engagement models. These flexible engagement models are available on a 24×7 basis. Our ecommerce website monitoring teams have the expertise and right combination of experience and skill sets to identify, manage and resolve any issues that may arise during the initial server set up including operating system, patches, packages, firewall, cache systems or while fine tuning or server hardening which includes system/apache/Mysql fine tuning.

Embitel’s provides multi levels of monitoring to ensure maximum server uptime, irrespective of the region from where the website is accessed. We proactively track several metrics including memory usage, PU usage, disk I/O, Apache performance among several others to take quick preventive action before end-users are affected.

Ecommerce website hosting and server monitoring services:

  • Setup of enterprise class tools to monitor your ecommerce website, server resources and perform real-time monitoring of the server’s KPI’s
  • Resource such as Apache process, MySQL process, memory, CPU usage, disk space etc. will be monitored in real time and email alerts will be sent out when the resource crosses a certain threshold level
  • Appropriate actions will be taken to meet the parameters within the threshold limits and if additional resources are required, the same will be communicated to the client
  • In case of multiple servers there will be a need for load balances and appropriate resources. Our team will configure the resources to ensure that the load is distributed across the severs and the this will be monitored constantly
  • Access monitoring, port monitoring and intrusion monitoring will be automated and controlled by the IT team
  • Auditing of the server and security logs

Server management services:

  • Regular patch, release updates of packages
  • Regular security updates on server, based on audit logs observation
  • Incident management – any incidents on server would be addressed immediately and fixed
  • Problem management – root cause analysis of the incidents would be done and permanent fixes or changes would be recommended to the client. After receiving approval from the client, required changes will be implemented on the server
  • User management – users would be managed by the service provider. By default, no administrative access would be shared with anyone. Only secure access to server would be provided
  • Website hosting center co-ordination – we would take care of communicating with the hosting provider for resolving any technical issues. .
  • Appropriate automation of system admin activities would be done by the Embitel team

Data backup:

  • Backup of database would be done on a daily basis and stored on the same server. Retention period is one week
  • Backup of ecommerce website content would be done on a weekly basis and stored on the same server. Retention period is one week
  • Offsite backups can be provided by our team. The cost will depend on size and frequency of the backup.
  • Checking of integrity and validity of scheduled data is included in the offsite backup option.
  • Cloud hosting based/online backups may be recommended by our team depending on the client requirements. We will also take care of maintenance of these backups
  • Backup tasks would be scheduled when there is minimal or no traffic. The process will be executed without compromising on server performance

IT Support:

  • Monitoring and support activities are covered 24 X 7
  • We provide telephone and email support for our clients. All clients will be provided with the escalation matrix as well.
  • We ensure regular communication with our clients regarding planned activities. Our team will manage communications with the hosting service provider to get updates and fix issues on a top priority basis.


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