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Embedded Automotive Services

Embitel has extensive experience in Embedded Automotive to develop real time complex solutions for our global customers. Our engineers have prior experience of working with end OEMs being involved in all phases of the development lifecycle starting from requirements up to system testing on the target. We leverage on this experience together with good automotive system knowledge to provide end to end product solutions to our clients.

Our team has the expertise to understand complex automotive requirements and undertake projects in the areas of OBD2 diagnostic software development, J1939 software integration, ECU software design, AUTOSAR Software, Car Diagnostics services, in-vehicle networking, Modeling and Simulation, and specialized last mile services.


OBD2 software development


Software development for ECU and Tooling applications

  • Physical layer (CAN, J1850. K-Line) implementation
  • PID (Parameter IDs’) and OBD modes implementation
  • OBD2 software integration with ECU application
  • Implementation of fault code memory

Automotive after-market solutions

  • OBD2 software development and integration services for after-market products
  • OBD2 services development for vehicle data access
  • Telematics, ADAS, Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, Driver Behavior Analysis support

Solutions for vehicle parameter collections

  • OBD2 software design and development services for data collection from on-road vehicles
Automotive Control Units – Design and Development
  • BSP development and device drivers
  • Application software development
  • Model based software development
Case Studies:
Focus Areas
  • Power train ECU
  • Vehicle Comfort & Safety
  • Driver information Systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Body electronics & Infotainment
AUTOSAR Software Development
  • AUTOSAR BSW modules – Microcontroller abstraction, ECU abstraction and Service layers
  • Expertise in Communication modules, Diagnostic modules, Communication drivers, Memory drivers and I/O drivers
  • Familiarity with AUTOSAR configuration and generation tools
Case Studies:
In Vehicle Networking
  • Vehicle Network Management and communication Gateways using CAN, LIN, MOST,and FlexRay
  • Drivers for communication modules on different micro-controller platforms
  • Automotive Protocol stack development / porting – LIN protocol, CAN protocol stack, Flexray protocol stack, J1939,UDS protocol stack, KWP2000 protocol stack
  • Application layer software for communication

Case Studies:

Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Vehicle diagnostics as per protocol standards such as KWP2000, UDS, ODX & OBD diagnostics services
  • End of Line tester services
  • Development of protocol stacks for OBD-II/EOBD
  • Vehicle diagnostics over CAN & K-Line
  • Diagnostics as per ISO15031, ISO14229, ISO15765 guidelines
Case Studies:
Model Based Development
  • Algorithm design, simulation using tools like Matlab / Simulink. ASCET & Labview
  • Modeling and simulation, autocode generation
  • Rapid prototyping with porting & optimization
  • Model in loop testing
Case Studies:


HMI/UI and Test systems Development
    • Development of Human machine interface for infotainment systems
    • PC based User interface for analysers & loggers
    • Cross platform porting
    • HMI development using C++, QT, QTOPIA & OpenGL
Case Studies:
Verification and validation testing services
    • Validation of automotive software at various levels of testing starting from unit level until system testing
    • Static code checks & analysis using tools like RTRT, Polyspace, QAC & PC-Lint
    • Test suite automation using scripts and modelling tools like Labview
    • Validation on vehicle simulators / labcars
    • Hardware in loop or HIL testing

Contact us for a more detailed explanation and discussion on the scope of our Embedded Automotive Services for your organization.

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