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Hardware Development Services for Functional Safety Projects (ISO 26262 Standard)

Led by a Team of Hardware Design Consultants and ISO 26262 experts, we are a trusted technology partner for development of CISPR, ISO/IEC compliant hardware solutions for automotive product development projects.

With experience in hardware development services for Android Infotainment, Digital Instrument Cluster, Motor Control Systems, Seating Control Systems & more, we have helped our customers achieve the desired ASIL (ASIL B/ ASIL C/ ASIL D) Compliance.

Hardware Development Services for ISO 26262 Compliant Automotive Solutions:

Hardware Development Services


FMEDA Services for Deriving Hardware Metrics

Quantitative Analysis of hardware components is a crucial safety activity in the functional safety lifecycle of an automotive products.

FMEDA is one of the industry wide accepted methods to derive hardware architectural metrics such as SPFM, LFM and PMHF.

These metrics are the key factors to detect component failure and ensure that the required safety state is achieved.

Our FMEDA services include:

  • Calculation of the FIT value by BOM analysis using tools like SOX, Medini Analyze and others
  • Derivation of SPFM, LFM, PMHF metrics
  • Support for gap analysis
  • Assistance in finding additional safety mechanisms
  • Hardware metrics report generation


[Video on ISO 26262] How to derive SPFM, LFM & PMHF using FMEDA Method


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Customer Success Stories: ISO 26262 Compliant Hardware Design and Development for Motor Control System

    Analysis of the Hardware Metrics for ASIL-B complaint Motor Controller: We partnered with a Europe (Spain) based Tier-1 supplier for this project.

  • Support in deriving the metrics using FMEDA (Failure modes, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis).
  • We leveraged our expertise in SOX tool (from ENCO), for successfully performing the FMEDA
  • Our ISO 26262 Consultants successfully derived metrics like SPFM, LFM and PMHF
  • Based on the observations and results suggested by these metrics, we recommended the necessary improvements in the system design


Expertise in Hardware Testing and Validation Tools

  • Cadence Tool – Used for Simulation, Schematics Design and Hardware Layout Design
  • DOORS– Used for Requirement Management
  • SOX Tools or APIS Tool– For analyses like FMEDA, FTA and more
  • IEC 62380– The catalog that runs in the background of SOX tool to give FIT value of hardware components


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