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Library Of Vehicle Diagnostics And ECU Communication Protocol Software Stacks

Electronic Control Units in a vehicle communicate with each other and the external devices (Diagnostics devices, Telematics Devices, etc.) with the help of a common language called protocols.

For the complex Electronic/Electrical (E/E) systems in automobiles, robust network communications and diagnostic software protocols are critical for tracking and controlling of vehicle parameters.

Use Cases of Automotive Protocol Stacks

  • SAE J1939 in Fleet Management of Commercial Vehicles
  • CAN BUS protocol implementation for OTA upgrade of automotive ECU
  • UDS (ISO 13400) integration for UDS based Bootloader and off-board vehicle diagnostics
  • CAN FD protocol integration for faster ECU re-programming and end-of-line software testing
  • ISOBUS protocol integration for agricultural and industrial vehicles
  • Development of CAN driver API to support hardware abstraction of data communication via physical layer (CAN BUS)
  • Implementation of LIN Stack for Roofing System, Wiper Control , Door lock/unlock system
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics, Gateway Functionality and Flash Bootloader application powered by DoIP (ISO 13400)



A Handbook of our Vehicle Diagnostics and ECU Communication Protocol Software: Learn about our stacks, integration services and configuration tools

Library of ECU Communication and Vehicle Diagnostics Stacks

In compliance with Automotive and International Standards (SAE and ISO), we have designed and developed a suite of pre-tested and pre-packaged vehicle network communication and diagnostics protocols.

Our stacks have been developed as per the CMMI Level 3 and ISO9001:2008 guidelines. The coding guidelines conform to MISRA C.

All the stacks can be readily integrated with any Automotive ECU and tooling applications. Our proprietary configuration and end-of-line tools ensure faster configuration and integration of the protocol stacks.

Library of ECU Diagnostics Stacks

Library of ECU Diagnostics Stacks

Library of ECU Communication Stacks

Library of ECU Communication Stacks

Diagnostics over IP (DoIP)

  • Enables remote diagnostics of the vehicle over an Internet Protocol
  • Leverages ethernet as the physical medium
  • Supports data transfer rate of up to 100 Mbps
  • Best suited for applications like Infotainment System, ADAS, Telematics, etc.

SAE J1939

  • Enables in-vehicle communication and diagnostics for commercial vehicles
  • J1939 specifications are defined for CAN BUS
  • Best suited for automotive ECU and tooling applications in commercial vehicles

Unified Diagnostics Service

  • Designed as per ISO 14229 standard; implements diagnostic services
  • Implements UDS based Bootloaders and powers Tooling Solutions for re-programming, remote diagnostics
  • Automobiles now mostly use UDS for off-board diagnostics

FlexRay (ISO 10681-1:2010)

  • A deterministic and composable dual-channel ECU communication protocol
  • Best suitable for applications that stipulate higher bandwidth e.g. Body Control Module, ADAS etc.
  • We provide configurable FlexRay IF and Transport Layer and FlexRay drivers for industry-grade MCU platforms

ISOBUS (ISO 11783)

  • An extension of SAE J1939 protocol
  • Designed to meet diagnostics needs of agricultural and off-road vehicles


  • Enables on-board diagnostics related to mostly emission control and engine monitoring
  • Best suited for ECU applications in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles


  • An extension of OBD 2 protocol
  • Can be deployed for both passenger and commercial vehicle programs
  • It is a harmonized protocol that caters to different CAN bus baud-rates (125 kbps/250 Kbps)


  • Faster and flexible upgrade to Classical CAN
  • Ideal communication protocol for modern solutions like Telematics, ADAS, Infotainment System

LIN Stack

  • We offer separate LIN Bus Protocol stacksolutions for LIN Master and LIN Slave
  • Deployed for roofing system , central locking system, wipers, etc.

CAN 2.0

  • Used as the choice communication protocol in passenger vehicles
  • Our proprietary PC based CAN configuration tool reduces the time-to-market considerably

J1587 stack over J1708 Physical Layer

  • Used in commercial vehicles for vehicle communication and diagnostics services.
  • Readily available for integration with customer’s application


Readily Available Tooling Solutions for Protocol Software Configuration

  1. UDS Stack Configuration Tool
    • Supports multiple configuration
    • Generates cfg.c and cfg.h files as per the configuration
  2. UDS Diagnostics Tool (PC based)
    • Tooling solution for both Client and Server side
    • Support for integration with PCAN, Vector or any third party Hardware
  3. CANIF Configuration Tool
    • Generates the cfg.c and cfg.h from .dbc file (CAN Matrix)
    • Auto Generates MISRA C compliant code
  4. PC  based Reprogramming tool
    • Supports J1939, UDS based reprograming
    • Supports physical medium like LIN, CAN and CANFD, FlexRay
    • Integrates with PCAN, Vector or any third party hardware
  5. LIN Interface Tool
    • Generates cfg.c and cfg.h files from LDF file (LIN Configuration)
    • Auto generates MISRA C compliant code
  6. End of Line Configuration Tool
    • PC based tool to support configuration of Calibration Block
    • Helps configure the parameters for different variants of a vehicle
    • Generates the HEX file based on the parameter configuration

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