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Machine Learning Algorithm Development

Leverage the Power of Custom Machine Learning Solutions to Drive Business Growth

We have been collaborating with global businesses to design and develop breakthrough machine learning solutions. Embitel’s deep domain expertise has helped organizations uncover new market segments, improve efficiency and derive measurable results.

We have hands-on experience in complex end-to-end AI/ML based solutions development. Our dedicated teams also support projects that focus specifically on machine learning algorithm development.

Our Machine Learning Algorithm Development Services in Detail

  • ML Model Design Consultation
  • We assist you in identifying the most suitable machine learning model for your business use case, i.e., classification model, regression model, decision trees, neural networks, etc. We also offer ML model development consultation and expertise.

  • Building Data Driven ML Models
  • We help you in building data-driven machine learning models for accurate decision making and automating business processes. Our team performs data mining and data processing activities to create clean datasets for various model types. We work with various forms of data, i.e., text, audio, video, images, numbers, etc. based on the business use case.

  • Training ML Model
  • We divide the filtered data into training data and validation data. The training data has specific output labels to train the ML model through multiple iterations. The validation data does not have output labels and it evaluates the capability of the model to predict accurately. Models undergo supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning.

  • Model Optimization and Evaluation
  • The ML model is exposed to a large amount of training data (real-time and historical, based on the business requirements). This empowers it to predict the output of the validation data with a great degree of accuracy. We train the machine learning models iteratively to optimize them for accurate predictions.

  • Parameter Tuning and Interference
  • Parameter tuning is a method of refining the model so that its performance is enhanced and the evaluation results improve. Interference is the process of testing the model in the real world – Real-world data is provided as input to the model and it is evaluated for accuracy of predictions.

  • AI/ML Based Application Development
  • The final step is to place the refined model in the appropriate device from where it will be used.

    We assist you in model conversion and end-to-end development of AI/ML based applications. This includes the design and development of:

    • Mobile, web-based and desktop apps
    • Embedded applications along with HMI/UI

    We also assess the performance of the model in the live environment and support in retraining/updating the model, if necessary.


Machine Learning Workflow


Industries We Cater To

We provide Machine Learning Algorithm development services across multiple industries:

Our Unique Value Proposition

  • We have fostered long running partnerships with leading brands in US and Europe geographies. This is an indicator of our expertise in full-stack IoT and AI/ML solution development.
  • Our unwavering focus on the quality of deliverables, while ensuring flexibility and transparency has always been appreciated.
  • We have cross-functional teams that are well-versed in Agile project management principles.

If you are seeking assistance for the development of a transformative ML-based solution, connect with us to chart out a winning strategy!