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PIMCORE Development, Consulting and Support Services

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In a multi-store scenario, PIMCORE has the ability to support dynamic and real-time changes, in order to help you deliver customer personalization and a seamless shopping experience.

PIMCORE enables this by effectively managing the Product Catalog(s) as well as the Digital Assets of your Magento ecommerce website.

Here’s a comparative analysis of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ the PIMCORE-Magento Integration



PIMCORE Development Service Offerings

Product Catalog Management
  • Customization and Integration of PIMCORE with Magento Ecommerce website
  • Inventory Management Module development and integration
  • Product Pricing Module to support dynamic pricing w.r.t stores/geography/region
  • Multi-Store creation and Management

PIMCORE API Development
  • Rest APIs Development
  • Product List APIs; Stock List APIs; Order List APIs; Customer API
  • Designing Secure APIs with API Key
  • “POST” function is used in the place of “GET” for enhanced security.
  • Curl (PHP service) configuration to call PIMCORE APIs

PIMCORE Order Management Module
  • Order Scheduling using PIMCORE
  • Order Fulfillment Workflow Customization

CMS Customization and Integration
    • Creation of CMS pages (custom pages, posts)
    • User Experience Personalization
    • Commerce and Content Integration
    • Mobile App Development with PIMCORE backend


Digital Asset Management
  • DAM Module configuration and integration
  • Required API development
  • Image design and modification


Meet our PIMCORE Leaders

Balaji is a PIMCORE expert, highly admired and respected by customers and colleagues alike. His almost a decade long experience in Ecommerce development helps him to look at the bigger picture and truly understand the pain points of the customers

Balaji S also specializes in PIMCORE Magento Integration, which is gaining a lot of traction these days. He has spearheaded many successful PIMCORE Ecommerce projects at Embitel.

Balaji Setti | Ecommerce Developer

As the business head of ecommerce business unit, Arun has been instrumental in delivery of some of the most critical Ecommerce projects.

He has an unerring knack of understanding the customers’ pain point and provides tangible solutions. Always looking to innovate and get new technologies on board, Arun is the new age leader- Just what Ecommerce requires.

Arun Kumar | Head of Ecommerce Unit



Leverage PIMCORE Features

Product Information Management becomes a breeze with flexible data modelling. Handles a wide range of data types for products.
A robust version control system enables to restore desired version of the created objects. As every product attribute in PIMCORE is an object, this features is quite helpful at times.
PIMCORE has no dependence on any operating system as it does not require any software installation. It can be easily accessed by a web browser.

The architecture framework of PIMCORE with open stack technologies like PHP, Redis, MySQL etc offers seamless connectivity between 3rd party services and PIMCORE.

PIMCORE Architecture


FAQs on PIMCORE Development Services

Q. Can you integrate PIMCORE with Magento? If yes, how do you do that?

    A. Yes, Magento PIMCORE integration is one of the core expertise that our Ecommerce developers have built over the last few years.

    PIMCORE has been designed to ensure easy integration with ecommerce platforms like Magento. We develop all the necessary APIs (Rest APIs, Stock List APIs, Order List APIs and so on..) to integrate PIMCORE with Magento.

    We also design the PIMCORE connectors to match your ecommerce system data model and business processes. In addition, we can also create web services and integrate the same with your Magento platform.


Q. In what ways PIMCORE complements Magento Commerce platform?

    A. PIMCORE complements Magento in many ways to help you improve the overall operational efficiency.

    The most crucial are the Product Information Management (PIM) and Data Asset Management (DAM) features supported by PIMCORE.

    PIMCORE enables Magento to access data from a consolidated and centrally managed product database. This value-add from PIMCORE delivers all the business benefits!

    Since PIMCORE is an object oriented platform, it also makes every process easy to create and manage.


Q. What are the best practices of PIMCORE development that you follow?

    A. We take system and website Security as the core pillar and all our best practices are derived from this motto of implementing a secure PIMCORE-Magento integration.

    First, we use API secret key for the all PIMCORE APIs in the process of integration with 3rd party platforms.

    Second, we restrict the permissions for the users based on the roles and responsibilities as defined by the customer.


Q. What output we will get from PIMCORE APIs?

    A. The output of all PIMCORE APIs is in the JSON format. The JSON object data can then be used in any front-end platforms including Magento or even PHP.


Q. Will Embitel provide Support and Maintenance services for PIMCORE projects?

    A. Yes, Embitel offers support and maintenance services for PIMCORE development.

    Based on the discussions with the customer, our team decides the period, scope and terms & conditions of the support to be provided.

    The support and maintenance will include PIMCORE server maintenance also. We will also create a security firewall to protect the server from any cyber threat.


Q. Can you develop mobile applications using PIMCORE APIs?

    A. Yes, we can develop mobile apps using the PIMCORE APIs. Our mobile app development team can build the UI based on JSON output, keeping PIMCORE services at the backend.


Q. Can you create Workflows for Order Processing/ Product Creation/ Product Publishing?

    A. Yes, we have created workflows for the order fulfillment module of PIMCORE. Order scheduling and workflow customization are some other services that we provide.


Q. Have you integrated PIMCORE for your customers?

    A. Backed by more than a decade long experience in Ecommerce domain, we have partnered with several global retailers and ecommerce businesses for PIMCORE integration.


Q. Do you Integrate PIMCORE with Magento for Elastic Search features?

    A. During many successful integration of Magento with PIMCORE, we have also configured Elastic Search.

    Elastic Search is already quite popular with Magento and is also readily supported by PIMCORE due to its API-driven architecture.


Q. We want to Import data using “cronjobs”? Can you provide this service with PIMCORE?

    A. We will help you in the configuration of ‘cronjobs’ while doing the system setup for PIMCORE Magento Integration.

    For instance, you may have an ERP system that has an inventory/ product data. In a scenario where it needs to be updated 4 times a day, we can create cronjob and facilitate the data import and schedule the import too.




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