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12 design strategies to develop an ‘In-Vehicle Infotainment’ system

A user now demands an intuitive HMI/GUI, a responsive touch-screen, over the air updates and seamless integration of apps (installed on his/her phone) in an IVI system.


Technology Solutions for In-Vehicle Infotainment

The characteristic of the automobile buyer has undergone a rapid change in the past few years. What was once an industry that was dominated by comfort, good steering and fuel efficiency, now has a new variable that influences the buyer. Introducing In-Vehicle Infotainment [or IVI]. Entertainment ideas of the past, like a simple DVD player on the dashboard, have now evolved into a complex, almost tablet-like, touch screen-based system with multiple arrays of infotainment options.


Scenario Based Testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Helps driver to avoid or mitigate an accident.Existing systems: Lane Departure Warning, Collision Preparation System and Forward Collision Warning.