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Mobility and Internet of Things

“Things” connected to internet now – only 0.06% of the things that could actually be connected to internet

Gartner Inc. has estimated that 25 billion connected things will be in use by 2020. Potential Internet of things (IoT) market value is conservatively pegged at $8.9 trillion by 2020

We endeavor to collaborate with our global customers and partners to make their business systems and processes IoT enabled

As a Mobility and IoT enabler, our following expertise has helped organizations and their customers reap the benefits of the Connected World:

  • Design & development of IoT gateways
  • Enablement of short-range and wide-range sensor networks through communication protocols like ZigBee, ModBus, Profinet , EtherCat and wireless technologies like 3G, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, LTE
  • Integration of Cloud based services
  • Mobility expertise: Design & development of end-user Apps and App-store for smart-phones, automotive infotainment systems, STBs’. Engineering talent with project experience in Android, iOS operating systems and Xamarin and QT framework for native and cross-platform based HMI
Mobility and IoT Services Suite:
Mobility and IoT POC architecture – IoT demo in action:
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Other Mobility offerings in Automotive and Automation domains:
  • In-vehicle Infotainment Apps for Head Units,Multi-Platform Customizable UI Solution
  • In-car Wireless Networking, Control and monitoring Apps for various ECUs’, CAN-based applications, Navigation/Fleet Management Systems
  • Smartphone Integration, Diagnostics and Alerts
  • Integration of Cloud based web-services, Social Networks and other Third party Apps integration
  • Multiple OS and Hardware Platform, Customized Middleware components
  • HMI Solutions for Embedded Devices
  • Smart Energy Management Systems for Homes and Enterprises
  • Mobile integration for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Production and Assembly Lines Automation Apps
  • Touch Screen based systems, Driver and BSP for Embedded Devices, Cloud based Data Handling
Leverage the advantage of our certified delivery processes for your mission-critical projects:
  • Our certified project delivery processes will ensure that we build quality products for your end-users
  • The Embitel Impact:
    • Robust ‘Project Management’ practices – EmbiQ Model
    • Delivery & quality excellence processes
    • International ‘Industry Ecosystem’

Case Studies

Development of a Solar Panel Controller to Overcome the Shadowing Issue


About the Customer:

Our customer is a pioneer in the energy delivery systems and one of the largest clean energy companies globally.

They are one of the most trusted providers of energy from sources that include traditional and renewables (Clean Energy), Gas, and Steam.

AUTOSAR Software for an Ambient Lighting ECU and Integration of UDS Protocol Stack


About the Customer:

Our customer is a Tier 1 Supplier of Lighting Technology and one of the largest retailers of the automotive parts.

The three  primary product lines of our customer include Concept Lighting, Engine Management Systems (EMS) & Electronic Control Units (ECU) for the automotive.


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