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Augmented Reality

Embitel Mobility has successfully developed the following Augmented Reality apps:

  • 3D object manipulation using live camera feed – Can be used to place 3D objects and manipulate them within the camera feed. For example: Can be used in for an online retail store to demo furniture pieces
  • 2D image recognition: Metadata [information, video, etc.] display on image recognition.
  • OpenCV: Face Detection
  • 3D Object Marker detection for Geofencing
  • Metaio SDK, Vuforia SDK, Unity 3D Engine have been tested and evaluated

Applications of Augmented Reality:

  • Next-level navigation systems with integrating virtual and live camera feed
  • In Healthcare Education for mock surgeries
  • In Automotive environments, to assist mechanics detect an issue
  • In Advertising, to embed additional information [audio, video, etc.] within a print advertisement
  • In Retail, to enable “mock-trials” of accessories, clothes, furniture, decorations, etc.