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Ecommerce Consulting Services

Ecommerce brands today have a lot to keep track of - cutting-edge technologies, penetration of ML-based automation tools, futuristic platforms & digital channels, emerging business strategies and AI- algorithms for managing customer experience. In the face of such a fast-changing ecommerce and technology landscape, having a well-defined digital strategy is indispensable to maximize the impact of your business.

Embitel has been offering tailor-made ecommerce consulting and strategy services to global clients so that they can keep up with the industry trends.

Partner with Us to Embark on a Fulfilling Digital Transformation Journey!

Our experienced ecommerce consultants have been assisting leading business organizations in transforming their ecommerce vision into reality by helping them:

  • Study and understand the target consumer & market trends
  • Understand & prioritise requirements
  • Identify the right digital strategy that delivers profitable growth
  • Choose the best ecommerce platform that adapts and scales up along with their business needs
  • Design agile and flexible ecommerce solutions
  • Identify and strengthen core competencies
  • Streamline all their ecommerce activities - marketing, sales, logistics and inventory, customer relationship management, etc.
  • Fast-track their ecommerce journey through growth accelerator solutions: omnichannel & mobile commerce for B2B, B2C, B2B2C

All in tandem with their business goals, and most importantly, the changing ecommerce landscape.


Our Ecommerce Consulting Services at a Glance

Whether you are an emerging start-up looking to create an ecommerce roadmap or a well-established organization seeking to improve performance & maximize profit, our ecommerce consultants can help you.

We offer customized solutions after gaining a detailed understanding of the unique needs and overall digital health of your business through technical workshops.


Business Process Advisory

  • Analyse the existing business model
  • Enumerate your business requirements
  • Assess the market readiness
  • Identify omnichannel opportunities
  • Optimize infrastructure needs

Design and Planning Support

  • Analyse target audience
  • Identify and define inventory & pricing strategy
  • Plan and design ecommerce & IT roadmap
  • Define and design user-journey
  • Identify system integrations
  • Design Customer Experience management strategy

Ecommerce Technology Consulting

  • Identify the technology solution ideal for your ecommerce objectives
  • Ecommerce Platform recommendation
  • Choose the optimal and profitable cloud server solution
  • Identify channels for Customer relationship management
  • Usability and performance testing of existing ecommerce solution

Why Embitel Is Your Ideal Partner for Ecommerce Consulting Services


14+ Years of Industry Experience

We focus predominantly on Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Experience Management.


A Team of 400+ Experts

Experienced ecommerce consultants for commercetools, AEM, Magento, PIMCORE, Hybris and much more.


More than 500 Projects Delivered

Our expertise spans multiple geographies and formats. Key industries include Grocery, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom and Finance.


E-commerce consulting success stories