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5.6 Hardware Safety Requirements

Analysis of Technical Safety Requirement
in order to derive the following:
– Requirements for Hardware Software
Interface Specification(HSIS)
– Hardware Safety Requirements to
kick-start hardware design

5.7 - Hardware Architecture Design

As per the specific ASIL Grade (ASIL A/B/C/D).

5.8 - Hardware Unit Design

– Optimization of BOM (Bill of Material) components and cost
– Hardware Schematics
– PCB Gerber File generation using cadence Tool
– Hardware Fabrication

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

– Support for PCB Layering & Mounting of components
– PCB Fabrication using Gerber Files

5.11 - Hardware Validation Testing

– User Acceptance Testing to test Hardware Safety Requirements
– We help you design Hardware Validation Plan
– Hardware Validation process is complaint with the Automotive Standards (CISPR 25/16)

5.10 - Integration Testing of the Hardware

– Support for EMC/EMI Testing
– Temperature and humidity testing
– Generation of the Test Report

5.9 - Unit Testing Hardware Modules

– Support for Board Bring-up and sample testing
– Each hardware module is tested against the low level design(LLD)
– Report generation