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commercetools Platform Implementation
Build Seamless Commerce Experiences Through commercetools

commercetools is a highly scalable headless commerce platform that supports a microservice-based architecture. A flexible commerce API and wide range of integrations are highlights of the cloud-native platform.

With more than a decade of experience in commercetools implementation for premium brands across the globe, we help customers achieve accelerated growth through enhanced online shopping experiences.

Embitel’s commercetools Service Offerings

Our team of agile consultants assist B2B and B2C businesses in accelerating growth through the implementation of five-star headless commerce experiences and cloud solutions.


Consulting & Advisory

Our experts participate in intensive workshops with your team to deliver transformative shopping experiences seamlessly through multiple touchpoints.

We guide your team in identifying common pitfalls in your ecommerce strategy through our deep understanding of the industry and associated technologies.


Design & Development

We can help you benefit quickly from a powerful digital storefront through accelerated project delivery.

We leverage our industry experience for the configuration of best-in-class commerce solutions through meticulous research and implementa



Our consultants assist you in migrating from monolithic legacy commerce platforms to commercetools.

Savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improvement in agility of the entire platform are some of the key reasons to migrate to commercetools.

Why commercetools?

Since commercetools is a headless commerce platform, the front-end and back-end functionality are clearly separated. This is beneficial to businesses that target the creation of seamless retail experiences across multiple touchpoints.

  • Businesses can choose from a wide array of 300+ API endpoints based on requirements.
  • commercetools offers faster time to market for complex business requirements.
  • Highly scalable architecture is a key feature of the platform.
  • High performance and availability of the ecommerce solution is guaranteed.
  • Flexible API enables the retailer to connect with customers through mobile applications, AR/VR touchpoints, online shops, voice assistants, social networking channels, etc.
  • Intuitive control panel helps manage customer and order data, streamline discounts, maintain catalogs and monitor campaigns.
  • Third-party integrations with payment providers and DXP platforms are pre-integrated.
  • commercetools helps in the setup of marketplaces with multiple vendors.
  • Presence of mobile responsive templates for the development of commerce websites are an added advantage.
  • commercetools offers a pre-built iOS application that is integrated with the platform and can be customised.
  • Instore app enables shop assistants review customer order data for improved store experience.

Why Choose Us


14+ Years of Industry Experience

We focus predominantly on Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Experience Management.


A Team of 400+ Experts

Experienced consultants for commercetools, AEM, Magento, PIMCORE, Hybris and much more.


More than 500 Projects Delivered

Our expertise spans multiple geographies and formats. Key industries include Grocery, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom and Finance.


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