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Android Porting for Embedded Systems

  The tendency to adopt Android as an operating system for embedded platforms, is on the rise. The automotive OEM community has been progressively shifting towards customising Android for vehicle infotainment systems and head units. Android OS is also the popular choice in the healthcare industry for powering medical devices. This widespread adoption of Android


Full Stack IoT Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is spearheading a major technology disruption today. The implications of interconnecting billions of devices (also referred to as “things” in IoT parlance), are phenomenal. The data exchanged through this connected network can produce new experiences and improve the overall efficiency of the network. In 2020, organizations have realized the immense


How Smart Dashboards are Revolutionizing Connected Vehicle Experiences

Smart dashboards are an inherent part of the connected vehicle today. Apart from offering telematics features, these enable integration of the dashboard with mobile/web apps through a cloud platform. Bluetooth connectivity and advanced personalization features are some of the highlights of an integrated connectivity cluster.


IoT Application Development for Enterprise and Industry 4.0 Operations

  Leverage our expertise of more than 13 years in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) app design and development. Our exclusive suite of IoT application development services can streamline the operations of your IoT infrastructure and add significant value to your business use case. Our expertise in IoT app development encompasses the design


Types of Mobile Apps – Mobile Web vs Native vs Hybrid App

Several types of mobile apps can be developed for industrial/enterprise/home automation IoT solutions, based on the project requirements. This page takes a look at each of these in detail.