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Inside Access – Porting Android Automotive to Toradex i.MX8 Platform

This is an account of one of our internal projects in which we ported Android Automotive OS (AAOS) to Toradex i.MX8 and i.MX8X platforms, and integrated various functionalities. This includes early start-up of rear view camera (<2s), power management with multiple wakeup options, integration of up to 8 cameras outside the vehicle for RVS, SVC and 360 degree coverage, and much more. Read the full story here.


How Edge AI is Fueling High Performance Machine Learning Solutions

Edge AI devices are low-power systems that have limited computational abilities. These devices make use of machine learning algorithms for analytics and do not completely depend on the cloud for such activities. Edge AI offers innumerable benefits to IoT applications – Reduced latency, improved scalability, enhanced security and minimized strain on the cloud.


What is Telematics?

  Telematics is a disruptive automotive technology that utilizes IT and communication protocols to send, receive and store information pertaining to remote vehicles. The data is transmitted over a wireless network through secure means and an in-vehicle electronic device or smartphone is employed for establishing remote connectivity. In this article, we explore the various facets


Inside Access: AIS 140 Software Stack Development for Telematics Applications

Here is an account of another project that was conceptualized at the Embitel Innovation Lab. The engineers developed a ready-to-deploy AIS 140 compliant software stack that can bring about a significant reduction in the development time of a GPS device enabling telematics.


Inside Access to DriveSafe: A Driver Distraction Detection App Powered by Machine Learning

Embitel’s Innovation Lab has recently been abuzz with the development and testing activities related to the DriveSafe app that our engineers have been working on. This app detects driver distractions that can result in road accidents. Powered by a machine learning algorithm, the DriveSafe app analyses driver activities and alerts them of distractions so that they can take corrective action. Learn more about the app here.


IoT Cloud Architecture Insights – Why Database Design Matters

  The Internet of Things (IoT) has penetrated our lives in multiple ways. Some incarnations of these IoT systems are Smart Homes, Connected Cars, Smart Factories, and Smart Grids that consolidate/manage office data. In all these use cases, an IoT cloud architecture is introduced when there is a need to process and analyse large data


Android Porting for Embedded Systems

  The tendency to adopt Android as an operating system for embedded platforms, is on the rise. The automotive OEM community has been progressively shifting towards customising Android for vehicle infotainment systems and head units. Android OS is also the popular choice in the healthcare industry for powering medical devices. This widespread adoption of Android


Full Stack IoT Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is spearheading a major technology disruption today. The implications of interconnecting billions of devices (also referred to as “things” in IoT parlance), are phenomenal. The data exchanged through this connected network can produce new experiences and improve the overall efficiency of the network. In 2020, organizations have realized the immense


How Smart Dashboards are Revolutionizing Connected Vehicle Experiences

Smart dashboards are an inherent part of the connected vehicle today. Apart from offering telematics features, these enable integration of the dashboard with mobile/web apps through a cloud platform. Bluetooth connectivity and advanced personalization features are some of the highlights of an integrated connectivity cluster.


IoT Application Development for Enterprise and Industry 4.0 Operations

Leverage our expertise of more than 13 years in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) app design and development. Our exclusive suite of IoT application development services can streamline the operations of your IoT infrastructure and add significant value to your business use case. Our experience in IoT app development encompasses the design and


Types of Mobile Apps – Mobile Web vs Native vs Hybrid App

Several types of mobile apps can be developed for industrial/enterprise/home automation IoT solutions, based on the project requirements. This page takes a look at each of these in detail.