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Human Machine Interface / HMI Development
Indulge in Future-proof HMI Experiences

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) have undergone a major transformation across industries.

But what is the driving force behind this transformation? The answer is simple – Increased demand for personalized experience, convenience endowed by cutting-edge technology, and the gamut of connectivity options available today.

For modern day operators working in connected industrial automation environments, usability of system HMI should resemble that of consumer hand-held devices. Such HMI/UI designs not only ensure ease of operation but also deliver desired operational efficiency. A cloud-based HMI framework can also be easily deployed across desktop, web, mobile and embedded devices to ensure exceptional RoI for the business.

In the automotive sector, a new-generation of HMIs that are more fluid and contextual to the ever-expanding capabilities offered by connected vehicles have become mainstream. An intuitive in-vehicle HMI connects with the driver and passengers through 3D graphics and interaction. It is undeniable that a custom-designed digital cockpit solution adorned with a high-end HMI is a crucial differentiator that enables an automotive OEM to stand out from competition.

Our team of HMI design champions has collaborated with global customers to develop cloud-based, operator-centric HMI software and plug-in solutions.

This has helped our customers to –

  • Migrate to a modern HMI that can be accessed through multiple platforms (web, desktop, mobile, and embedded devices)
  • Boost user experiences and improve operational efficiency

End-to-End HMI Development Services

We offer full-cycle HMI implementation services. Your HMI custom development activities are supported by our globally deployed teams with multi-discipline expertise. Our teams have successfully implemented:

  1. 3D HMI for Automotive Use Cases
    • Visualization and analysis of complex molecular structures in 3D environment using Qt OpenGL
    • Creation of virtual environments as input to test Autonomous cars using Unity 3D
    • 3D HMI in 2D applications
  2. Multi-Modal HMI for PC, Web and Mobile Interfaces
    • Fortified with Voice Recognition & Gesture Control, Screen graphics optimisation on target platform, Boot up and performance optimisation

Multi-platform HMI framework development

Operator and process centric UI/UX design

Plug-in development & integration

Expertise in 3D graphics design and development

Design and development of end-user friendly UI controls, Custom controls and ActiveX controls

Touch and Gesture controlled HMI design and development

HMI application development with localization features (multilingual support)

Let’s Build an Incredible HMI

Multi Platform 2

If you are seeking Human Machine Interface innovation, let’s collaborate to develop an awesome product!

  • Automotive – Design 3D displays for futuristic automotive cockpits, In-Vehicle Infotainment HMI, Digital Instrument Cluster UI.
  • Industry 4.0 – Optimize industrial processes by digital conversion and centralization of data for users. Crucial information can be displayed in charts/graphs/dashboards, alarms can be triggered, and multiple systems can be interconnected through one HMI.
  • Healthcare & Wellness – Integrate portable and scalable HMIs with connected healthcare applications that enable remote patient monitoring and personal wellbeing.

We assist businesses in strategizing the product roadmap, HMI design, rapid prototyping, development of complete software stack & integration with hardware, middleware services development, end-to-end testing, optimization of screen graphics/boot up/performance on target platform, etc.

Tools and Technology Expertise


  • QT
  • QML
  • OpenGL
  • HTML5
  • .Net
  • React
  • React Native
  • Android UI


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MAC

Programming Languages

  • C++
  • Java
  • React JS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Python

Development Tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Qt Creator
  • Eclipse
  • Min GW
  • Android Studio
  • Xcode
  • IAR Embedded Workbench

HMI Development – Selected Customer Success Stories

Here’s a handy flier on our HMI development services

Webinar on HMI Development and Plug-in Integration

HMI webinar agenda:

  • Basic components of HMI
  • Client-Server based and Standalone HMI
  • Multiplatform HMI
  • Portable HMI
  • Multilingual HMI development
  • Plugin development

Download HMI/UI webinar now: