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E-Commerce Webinars

[Live Webinar] The Future of Digital Commerce in Connected Car

With the introduction of digital commerce into connected cars, the ecosystem of OEMs, dealers and vehicle owners as we know is about turn upside down. This change will bring a host of new business opportunities and revenue streams for OEMs, B2B & B2C dealers. Attend the webinar to understand the possibilities and gear up for the opportunities.


Should retail business leverage mobile technologies?

Webinar takeaways: A strategic guide for retail businesses to access the need for mobile app and an implementation framework for building consumer oriented mobile app. Join this webinar on Thursday, 25 February at 3.30pm IST.


Webinar on Contextual targeting in e-commerce

What can e-commerce providers do to increase sales and ROI? How by using behavioural insights and context-aware targeted, e-commerce providers can target the right customer with the right offer during their customers site visit?.


Data Driven e-Commerce Webinar

Most successful online players take data analysis very seriously. It is data that provides a true picture of what is happening on the e-commerce site. This enables rational decisions based on facts rather than emotional decisions. Another important aspect of data driven e-commerce is validation of strategies.


Webshop Personalization Webinar

Learn how to customize and personalize your web store in order to drive conversions and sales. Recommendations, ratings and reviews have been clearly shown to increase sales. Find out how to use them to your advantage.


Multi Channel Retailing

Currently, organizations have a significant challenge in managing customers across a wide range of channels. Ensuring a smooth, integrated and unified brand experience across all channels is no easy task. The consumer on the other hand expects the same brand experience irrespective of the channel chosen.


Online Retailing using Facebook

With several million people using Facebook, the website has become a force to reckon with. It is estimated that users spend 30 minutes to several hours a day on Facebook. Learn how to utilize Facebook for effectively marketing your product or service. Get insights into best practices and Facebook integration methodologies.


Mobile Commerce for Retailers

Mobile Commerce is driving ecommerce growth to a great extent. Mobile devices are part and parcel of our daily lives and it goes without saying that organizations need to put in place a viable mobile commerce strategy to tap into this dynamic and profitable channel.


E Retailing Approach

How do you go about acquiring new customers? More importantly, how do you retain them? In this webinar, we will discuss about customer acquisition and retention strategies as well as strategies to drive business growth. Explore viral marketing strategies to get others talking about your product or service.


Social Media Marketing

Harness the power of Social Media to market your business. Online social networks and communities are getting more popular by the day. Find out how to use it to manage your public relations, customer service, loyalty building, collaboration, networking & customer acquisition initiatives.


Search Engine Optimization

How do you get more visibility, more quality traffic and more sales for free? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization. This webinar will help you lay the groundwork for an effective SEO plan. Find out how search engines work and what needs to be done to ensure your pages show up on the top of search engine results. Understand the latest trends in SEO and find out how to improve your page rank.


Essence of Retail e-Commerce and its Optimization

From designing the structure of an e-shop to analyzing user expectations, this webinar is about the best practices to be followed while designing an ecommerce website. “Search” and “Tab” functionality options are other important aspects of an ecommerce portal that are discussed in this webinar.


Retail e-Commerce – A Perfect Storm in India

India is at the cusp of rapid ecommerce growth. Among the top 5 countries with the largest internet user base, the country offers great potential for ecommerce. Find out about the driving factors for e-retail growth in India as well as the do’s and don’ts regarding setting up an ecommerce business